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Fleming flamed; High Powered Page Turning Thrill Rides.


Crime Fiction that is full throttle and compelling, and Fantasy Sci-Fi blaring above the glass ceiling. Tolkien hewn, detailed and derailing of the standard.

Master Storyteller

Fantasy flights and Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker with a fusion of gothic post-modernism. Bronte bravado and originality poured forth from a cauldron of a special blend of magic.

Breathtakingly Beautiful

These stories are timeless and magnificent, they will bend reality around your paperback habit and take you into worlds that are inescapably magnificent.

Publication Dossier

A curated collection of genius publications, necessary for the intelligent library.

Always Darkest Before the Dawn

A Crime Fiction Epic

Windstorm: Rise of the Firestorm Prince

The Sequel to the Magnificent Firestorm

Into the Phoenix

An Incredible Biographical Journey


A Sci-Fi Fantasy Epic Tale

Manage Workplace Aggression

A Conflict Resolution Manual for Community Workers and the Healthcare Industry

The 30 Day Anxiety Cure

Recommended by Counsellors and Nurses


Lori V Orford is a Gen X international novelist with a passion for beautiful stories.

Lori graduated from the University of Southern Queensland with a Bachelor of Journalism and Communications in 1999, and began working as a media monitor, before having her second child. For years Lori had enjoyed and loved writing, being inspired by authors such as New York Times Best Seller Matthew Reilly, author, of Ice Station and Temple. She began to formulate the back story for Firestorm, a Star Wars Fan Fiction, and from there started penning her first novel.


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